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My day started off great. I mean that dream through the night was good based on the analysis, but waking up tired. Is not so good. Luckily I got over that soon.

I went did my route and came back. I leave my computer on all day regardless of if I am sitting at it or not. Well, I came back and had an offline instant message from one of my favorites. Brian Gardner, I had e-mailed him yesterday about my issue on my sidebar and not being able to get the image correct on my blogroll. He is someone who I consider to be one of the best at this stuff and could definitely help me. That said…I only had a slight inclination that I would get a reply. Designers are busy and especially with this not being a theme by him.

Anyways, my heart dropped when I got this offline message. It was probably better than if say Oprah called me. I like her and all, but would just be like so just another person blah blah blah.

I was so excited I didn’t even read that it was offline and started typing away, woo hoo…I am going to get a fix and talk to a really great designer. woo hoo…

Anyways, he came online later and I did get to talk to him. I was all excited talking to him and Kyra was like sort of on my back and I was holding her from falling off the chair, but typing with one hand. Yes, this is her falling asleep balanced on my arm and shoulder while I am talking on my computer. I actually have no idea how she didn’t fall, but she got to the bed safely and then slept for my entire afternoon route as well.

I still haven’t got my fix in there yet, but semi-know what I am looking for. I will get it done.

My afternoon route went smooth. There are some crazy kids on my bus though. LOL…

I took my father-in-law to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Adam has decided to take him home a day early, so he is going home tomorrow instead of Saturday. This is because my grandma is coming down to go to some dog show and Adam thinks it would be fun to see Kyra at a dog show. She will be woofing and panting the whole day I think.

Well, that was my great day….Amazing….