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The last event of my weekend was my cousin Amy’s bridal shower. We are going to the wedding on the 22nd (that will be my next exciting weekend), well anyways. The shower was very nice about 40 people were that, which is a lot I think. Amy looked beautiful as you can see from the image here.

I however had a grumpy little girl, which I was actually glad she was grumpy even though. I didn’t get to do much of the activities. I sort of let her run around and get even grumpier. I wanted her to sleep for the ride home, so she was about as tired as she could get. She did ultimately sleep almost the entire ride home, which was smooth. For the shower though, everyone thinks I have a winey little girl, which she totally isn’t. She was just so tired I didn’t let her take a good nap at all that day.

They played a few games. I tried, but didn’t really do fully any of them. I ended up leaving before it was over, but I wanted to be gone heading home by 5. They said on the invitation from 2-4, well, I left at 4. There were other people that did too, so I didn’t feel that bad about it, but I wish I had gotten to see Amy a little more.

Amy is probably the cousin I would say that I know the best on a more personal basis. She has even been to my house, only 3 of my cousins have ever been to my house. She stayed here for a week, but missed her boyfriend so much we ended up taking her home early, but that is another story. (She is getting married to this same boyfriend though.) When I lived in Russell, they her and her boyfriend spent a ton of time at my house. I think or would like to think that I was a good influence on them both. I haven’t lived up there though for 5 years, isn’t that crazy. Time does go fast.

Well, that is my full weekend. I will maybe post about my crazy day today later. Tomorrow will be even crazier though, with Kyra’s Birthday Party preparation. We are going to have between 20 and 30 people tomorrow. Than we have Kristy’s birthday preparation after that for on Sunday. Boy, July is one busy month. Bye for now….