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Who do you pick?? Both sides are needed, I mean people need gas without a doubt. The environment is where our children are going to live and there children beyond that, do we want to leave them with nothing?

There has to be a happy medium plain and simple.

I honestly do believe that British Petroleum is trying to be conscious of the environment while they do there jobs. They are providing jobs now and will continue to do so indefinitely which in itself is good for things.

They also are trying to improve the environment at some of there plants voluntarily.

They are concentrating there actions now with the Whiting Refinery which seems to be getting a ton of heat. At this plant they exceed current regulations though for environment impact issues, including water discharge.

I just hope the people doing the complaining are walking for a means of getting to the office. It seems to me that we need to help out the companies that are making the slightest effort to do good instead of insult them. There are so many companies that don’t even put on the front of good, even if it does line someone’s wallet.