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It has been so cool the last week.  I almost forgot it was still summer, well today reminded me.  Oh, was it hot.  I slept in, but Kyra slept longer than I did.  Stan admitted he slept in too, so it was in the air.  It was roasting in here though, so we turned the AC on and went to the discount grocery store shopping.  I spent only $44 and got 8 big bags of stuff, so that was pretty good.

We then came home and decided it was still too hot to cook in the house, so went out to lunch.  I went to my choose the “cheap” Legion to eat.  The dining room side was closed, so Stan didn’t want to eat here.  He is weird about being in places with any smoke what so ever.  He sort of even gets a little ornery, spurting out rude things about people who smoke. 

I am a total smoke advocate in the Legion though.  If you want to smoke by all means…you are willing to fight in war for America.  I don’t care if you smoke crack, by all means.  Thanks… smoke or don’t smoke anything you want.

Anyways…we left.  That is the cool thing about it and what I told Stan.  If you don’t like something, you just leave.  You don’t have to say anything at all, just leave.

So we went to Green Village Diner and they have pretty good food, but it is more expensive relative though…it isn’t a Cracker Barrel, but just more expensive.  It was okay though.  I wish they would cook there french fries more.  I always ask for them well done and they never do them well done.  They would have been really good with another 5 minutes in the cooker, instead I left most of them.  The chicken fingers there are delicious though and them alone filled me.

20070825_00902p We came home.  Kyra and I cleaned the basement up.  She played with a flashlight for a bit too.  Kyra took a nap, so I worked on my site some and am totally caught up on my reading. 

20070825_01406p We got the horses in our pasture finally, so I was out feeding them apples.  The way to a horses heart is through it’s belly right???  The whiter one is pretty wild yet and will only roll the apple off my hand with it’s nose.  It won’t bite it off my hand.  He will get friendly though.  I love having them there.  They are renting the pasture.

20070825_01806p Here is another photo of him.  I just think he is so beautiful.

I came in a little longer and Kyra woke from her nap.  She instantly wanted to go out, so we went out again.  She ate some food and as a snack she had a choose of chocolate or grapes.  She chose grapes and out we went.  We looked at the goats again, and started the bus.  We sat on the swing for at least 20 minutes.  My bus had a hard time starting, so I left it running longer.  Aaaahhhh!  They told me it was in the batteries, so hopefully it gets better.  I know they put new batteries on it last year.

We came in after this and here we are.  It is 11 o’clock and Kyra is still wide awake and ready to go, see what sleeping in does for us??  LOL…  It was a fun, but hot day. Good Night…