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This has been a crazy couple of days. Kyra is now officially 9 months old as of Wednesday. I missed my rock club meeting Wednesday night. Adam’s twin brother is down to visit for a few weeks as of today.

So let me start with yesterday and this stupid thing that happen to me. I gave my senior high kids on my bus soda’s with it being Easter this weekend and all. I went to buy them before giving them at the store with one of those stupid club card things. I didn’t take my car keys with my club card on it. They wouldn’t give me a card to lower the price. They said to bring my receipt in another day with my club card and I can get the money back. Isn’t that ridiculious?? Those cards are so stupid.

I gave the sodas though and will later take my receipt which sucks because it was $10 extra. I could use $10 this weekend.

I than gave my elementary and kindergarten kids each a piece of candy. They get the cheaper stuff as they won’t spill and they get stuff more often.

I came home and my neighbors horses were fighting in the fence and jumping into the fence. I thought they were being zapped, so I went running to my amish neighbors house as fast as I could carrying Kyra. She was laughing the whole run and I was sweating after the like 100 yard dash. She said the electric was off though, so the horse wasn’t getting zapped. I visited with her awhile. She has a baby that was born in October, so 3 month younger than Kyra. That baby is adorable too. It has the biggest smile ever, way bigger than Kyra’s. Ida (that baby) has the blackest hair ever too. She is almost the opposite of Kyra. She has long black hair, so long that she has it in barrettes to keep it from her face. Ida just wants to lay around and laugh, while Kyra wants to go go go.

I forgot to post this bird the other day, so here it is. It looks pretty neat against the boring tree background. I wish I had a bigger zoom though. I don’t have the $400 though to buy it.

Now today is here after a fair nights sleep. Andy got here at 11 or so. We went and ate lunch at Ryans the buffet restaurant. I think I ate something that was bad because I got really sick. I am better now though, so have no idea what that was.

We got home and Kyra and I visited Cathy for a bit. We went for a small hike, but Kyra fell asleep before we got to far. She weighs like 3 times as much when she is sleeping than when she is awake, so we turned around. She is still sleeping 2 hours later. She is so cute sleeping, I always am taking her picture. LOL…

Adam and Andy took a bike ride. So I have total peace to type here.

Well, that is my day so far. Bye for now.