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Here is a picture of me and Kyra. I don’t have very many pictures of myself, but Adam was with me in basement and took this one. I finally got my studio lights working, but still haven’t gotten rid of the shadows there, they are huge. I just have to get them positioned right and the shadows will be history. But here is one of the first pictures down there. Our skin tones look good, but the lighting is definitelyoff.

Kyra fell yesterday out of her little pull wagon and now has her first bruise. Poor Baby….

We had a rough night sleep wise, but today is going smoothly. I feel better than expected counting the little sleep that I got. The girls on my kindergarten run didn’t sit very well, so quite a few now have new seats in the front area.

My aunt e-mailed me pictures of my cousin and the fish he caught today. What a good fisherman. She also sent me pictures of my uncle and my other cousins baby. They all are so nice.

Well, I am getting off here for now. Bye…