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Aren’t they cute? This wasn’t today, but I haven’t posted in a few days, so it is from like 2 days ago. Kyra loves her toothbrush, just like her mom does. She doesn’t have all the teeth yet though, well only 2 teeth.

It has been a great couple of days. I went to the rock club meeting by myself, like a big girl. It was really the first time Kyra was put to bed without nursing first and she did really well for Adam. I was away from 6 to 9, so a good bit.

She is getting better at climbing things and standing at the edge of things, like the couch. She seems to sometimes now use her legs in crawling, but still hasn’t mastered this.

My driving is going well. I think my elementary kids finally figured out that I am not kidding about sitting down on the way to school. I had a little boy crying when he got on the bus today. He said he got a spanking. I felt bad for him anyways. I didn’t see any marks or anything like that, but I didn’t check him all over. He is a good kid for me though.

I have been walking almost every day here. It was sprinkling yesterday when we got to the corner, so we turned around. The weather is great though for the most part.

Well, I am going to bed early tonight. I am tired. Night… Posted by Picasa