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Well, busyness is the new normal. Go to work, do the 9 to 5 thing. I get to come home sick of insurance at that point and study insurance so that I can take a state test and hopefully pass.

I feel like I am short changing everyone with my time even though there isn’t that much less of it really when you come down and figure it out. It is just dispursed differently. It still feels badly to me. I feel like I never see Kyra even though she is with me each morning when I would have used to been driving. We are usually up and playing and getting showers now during that time.

I have made new friends at work, but I almost desperately miss my old driving friends. It is sort of like I am torn, but I know I can’t go back. I can’t afford it, nor do I really want too. I just have to go forward with a big smile else I will maybe loose what is left of my mind.

Here though is our snowman that we made on Sunday. It is now Tuesday and it is all but melted. It was fun to build though. I never realized they were so easy to build, not taking up that much snow at all.

Have a great day.