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If I were fired from the CIA, I would imagine it would be from something like sleep talking. When I was in the Army I had a lot of friends that had to go through “secret” clearance and they would come question like everyone that ever spoke or knew the person to make sure they could keep secrets.

It is sort of crazy who all they question, like I would come out and say, “Yeah my buddy tells me his darkest deepest secrets.” If you would have done this, you wouldn’t have any friends at all. Security clearances were everywhere around me. LOL… The whole procedure is sort of flawed as they need to go hunting down people that dislike you and not the people that like you or maybe both and average them out. The way they do it is silly, in my opinion.

My biggest laugh though came from “Does this person have a tendency to walk or talk in there sleep??”. This is standard procedure question.

That is what I would be fired from the CIA for though, someone would say that I talk in my sleep.

You should check out “USA Network’s Burn Notice” when it comes out in a few weeks as I am sure they will have a much more exciting probably action packed reason for firing Michael Weston.