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No time for pictures today.

My bus had troubles all day. It was an exciting day though. I went this morning, did the normal morning run. My stereo broke on Friday, so I went to garage to get it fixed after run. They put a new fuse in couldn’t see any other problems. About an hour after that, my fuse broke and I called them again. He came out, this time to ths school. He put another fuse in and told me not to pull my camera button. (I didn’t.) I loaded my kindergarten students ready to go home. (Note here: I drive a 2 year old bus, so it isn’t old. That isn’t an issue. I really like this bus, don’t want anything to happen to it.)

Well, we got to the first stop with the kindergartners, it is a daycare center. The smoke just billowed out from under the hood. I quick turned off the engine and got out opened the hood. The bus was smoking big time. I got in the bus had everyone be very quiet and told them to be calm that I was going to call and have them bring another bus for us to go home with. I got a mixed reaction of cheers and total sadness. There was only one crier though, which I had expected more. Kindergarteners are little tenderhearts usually, they did really well with this….plus it is the 6th day of school. So I called different bus was on way. I got out and was watching the smoke and flames came from it. I decided to get the kids off the bus away from the fumes and now flames. I asked the daycare if I could bring them in. So we all loaded into this little daycare center. The daycare center gave everyone a snack of animal crackers. They were extremely good…Extremely.

Well, about 10 minutes later our different older bus came, we loaded up and everyone went home. They were only about 20 minutes late, which I think is pretty good.

I went than and did my normal afternoon run with this different bus. I got my bus back when I was done. Can you believe it?? They already have it fixed. My company is pretty good.

We got home took showers and went for walk. Kyra went to bed and here I am. I am about to go to bed too. I assure you…I will sleep well tonight.