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This is my post for Thursday. I don’t think I took any pictures this day, so I am just going to post text.

I went to my bus meeting at 9. Kevin stayed with my neighbors and Kyra came with me. It was good to see all the bus drivers. It makes summer seem long not seeing them and some other people I see regualarly during the school year. Can you believe this will be my 3rd year driving?? I can’t. Well, it was a good meeting, we talked about write ups and it was interesting to listen. I think I was average in my write ups and I think I do good with the bad kids. I got my routes for the year. Not a single stop changed on my high school or elementary runs except one of my elementary from last year became a high school this year too…the girl moved to 6th grade and is still in my bus area. My kindergarten middle of the day run is going to be much longer though. I should go in on Monday and see about getting the first block made into the last. I don’t think I have much longer to be able to change it. Who knows…maybe I will do it as written. It is just longer probably by 10 minutes. I don’t have to turn around this year though, which is good. I hated the place I was turning around last year.

Kevin was really good this day. He didn’t say he was bored more than 4 times which I think is some sort of record. It was good though.

Kyra and I went to bed early. I think I slept the best I have in a long time. I woke up Friday morning actually feeling refreshed and not droggy which seems like my recent normal. Well…that was Thursday. Bye…