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I don’t know how I found this post, but I did.  It is here… I went ahead and took the whole thing there don’t seem to be advertising on this site, so they won’t be missing out on revenue.  There are lots of safety articles though here, so maybe a good site to check out on occasion.  It is rarely added too though based on what I see.

In response to the desire of several states to ferret out sexual predators from school bus stop areas, a school bus software company has added a feature to its routing and scheduling program that allows users to determine where sex offenders are located and plan bus stops accordingly.

The software displays a map noting the locations of sex offenders relative to where the district’s bus stops are. If predators live near the stops, a notification is posted and schools can change the stops or take further action.

School systems must bring in a list of sexual predators and where they reside through an import file, which they can obtain from local authorities or Web sites such as

The distance an offender may be to a school bus stop is established by local districts. Saratoga County, New York recently passed a law requiring offenders to be at least 1,000 feet from where students congregate.

Approximately 900 school districts use the company’s programs for mapping bus routes. The sex offender-tracking software will automatically be available to these districts.

I think this is great though and now I am wondering if my school uses this software.  I am going to ask them.