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How does it happen that time goes by without you even noticing? I have been so busy the last few days.

Kyra has progressed to waving. She also has said her first words which is neither Momma or Dadda, but is Bye Bye while she is waving. She waves and almost everytime now she says “Bye Bye Bye Bye” endless while she waves. She also is just waving with her finger tips, not her whole arm. It is so so adorable. Everyone she does it to can’t control it and smile and laugh while of course waving back. Most say “Oh, Isn’t that Adorable” or something to that effect. It is true though.

I think I found my summer “job” which will be watching 4-6 school aged kids during school hours. They are all in one family, so that is good. It will give me some extra money and will be fun too. I know the kids already from riding my school bus and they are good ones. There are 4 one week and 6 the next, but the oldest one shouldn’t need to much watching. They are in 5th and 6th grades.

Well, I gotta go. Kyra is crying. Bye…