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Today, Kyra was with Adam when I woke up.  That is such a hard feeling to get used too.  Oh, I am totally great with her being with him though.  I totally think he is a great father.  Yeah, I am not saying this sarcastic at all. 

It still doesn’t make it super easy on me though.  I really enjoy her around and waking up the the words “Barney” is sort of a tradition for me. 

I did my bus routes though.  I think I still have about 20 names to learn for my little kids.  I started putting some on my high school route even though and those I basically don’t even try to hard with.  If they are good and not sitting consistently right behind me.  I probably don’t know their name.

I took Stan to his last Diabetes class.  I am going to write a good review of those classes on my other site here soon.  I will let you know when that happens though. 

Yeah, my other project!  I do still have those photos I took for ebay 3 weeks ago.  I still plan on using them.  I still can’t the the software to work and I don’t feel like doing it the manual way.  I am spoiled from years of using the software.

I also have about a thousand posters in my garage  (perfect condition in wooden cases) that I plan on taking photos of and maybe trying to sell them here and my other sites.  I have done the search that the packaging that I have and the shipping cost a total of about $4.00, so I am going to charge $10 each with shipping.  I don’t know how much I actually paid per poster as I have had them a long time, so I figure it was a couple dollars.  I searched them though like at allposters and other poster sites and very few of these ones are there, but the ones that I did find were like $14 or so, so mine will be bargain priced.

20070904_00311a Anyways, back to my day.  I went and took that photo of the school I posted earlier and this one of how pretty it was out today.  The sky was such a perfect clear blue.  It was wonderful.

The lady that took our white kitten came to take care of Stan.  She said that “Barney” is a girl.  That news makes me very very happy I don’t have another kitten.  She did her thing with Stan. 

I did my afternoon routes.  It went smooth.  I am still getting used to it being almost a 1/2 hour longer.  It seems that I get back a ton later.

I fixed dinner, Salmon and Vidalia Onions roasted in the oven.  It was very good.

20070904_00305p I got Kyra back and went walking at the University.  Kyra walked about 2 laps.  We carried her about a lap as well.

We came home and here I am.  I have been laying in bed with her though for about an hour now, so it was a sort of strange evening as far as putting her to bed.  She is sleep now though and I am soon on my way as well.  Good Night…