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Today was a strange day that will probably go down in history.  We signed our divorce today, so I will always remember that.

However, we went to the bank got that stuff situated.  We went to the car insurance talked to them, pretty much have it situated, but have to go do the final stuff on Monday.  We went to the lawyer with our agreements as far as everything goes and he is going to put them into a legal contract for us.  We also, like I said signed the divorce.  It isn’t final though for at least 90 days, but when we both go sign it again.

20070725_00110a We went to the courthouse and got an old mortgage taken off the deed which was sort of old business that I had just never done.  The flowers at the center of town were beautiful today.  We went to lunch with Stan at the Chinese Restaurant.

Yeah, I know it is strange to run around with together figuring out the division of your goods.  I think it is much easier though than the fighting way that seems to be the normal.  There are questions flying off to both of us in all these meetings.

20070725_00405p Yeah, than when we got home we went ahead and made it even weirder.  We went to the Community Fair.

20070725_02106p Adam and Kyra were riding on the dizzy cars.  Both look like this is fun though don’t they??  I was getting a little loopy just watching them though.

We came home and Adam went to our neighbors for some drinks with them.  They tell him divorce horror stories like most people seem to have.  I have to say, I don’t think I will be telling those stories.

It has been a day, so I am off to bed.  Good Night…