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I am so busy right now.  Yesterday was a blur of a day.  I did all my regular jobs in Circuit City and stuff and drove my bus routes.  I got the camera on my bus, so I am watching them all.  I got home, my hair stylist was at my house waiting.  I had my hair straightened and cut.  She wasn’t out the door yet and Stephen was here to take me to this fancy dinner.

Oh, it was so good.  I only had a burger, but darn.  It was so yum! 

I got home it was past 10.  I basically went straight to bed.  I didn’t sleep worth a darn though.  I was up several times during the night.  I don’t know what my problem is lately with sleeping.  I am having a terrible time.

Today was the next blur.  It was 1/2 day of school, so I was done with my routes for the day at 2.  I got some photos I had ordered from Walmart.  It took a 40 minute wait.  I wrapped Christmas presents.  That is about it.

I have another dinner tonight and well every day from now til after Christmas.  I don’t even know if I will come home tonight.  It is just going to be crazy.  I have my neighbors going to check in on my dog.

I have off driving from now until January 2nd.  I will take next week though to do major job searching starting the day after Christmas.  It is sort of depressing to me this whole job search thing though.  I must be a terrible interviewer, but I have read all the tutorials on it.  I am a nervous interviewer though even for jobs that I absolutely know I can perform.  Someone has to hire me though…

Anyways, that is what is going on.  Nope, I haven’t disappeared off the planet yet.  I will catch up my reader reading, right now I am pretty good with only 65 stories unread in there.  I am just busy in this holiday bustle and well just going having a time of things.