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So, I changed my theme one more time in the spirit of girls and well Valentine’s Day.  We all need a little love right?  LOL… I have been liking different things lately.  Change is good….

My work is getting busy.  I am making a website for my first client the original client.  I like him so this is a great deal for me.  I hope he will love his page as well.  It is going to be different than anything he has ever had, so I am sort of excited for him.  I did a lot of the tedious stuff today installing files and junk that keeps stuff going smooth behind the scenes.  I hope to tear into some content tomorrow, but I only have inklings of ideas on how I want things to be.  He on the other hand knows exactly how he wants it to be.  He feeds me little snippets, so I guess I am taking the snippets and running as fast as I can.  LOL…

My other client that I was working on her page.  She put the project on hold.  I think for financial reasons.  I hope everything works out with her.  This real estate business is really high pressure and not having a steady income is almost unimaginable to me how it must be to not know where your next dollar will come from.  I think deals can be made in a day and some take a year. 

So here is my thanks out to Sue Stewart of Ebner & Associates on Carlisle, PA.  She helped me find my house.  I wasn’t a very good customer, but I do think she had fun with me.  LOL… She came and visited me once about a year after we bought the house.  Anyway… she was great and deserved twice her commission on selling me a house.  I looked at well over 50 houses before I settled on this one.  We put in 3 offers that we walked away from and then put in this offer on this house and had to revise it once.  We win though too in this.  She was great and we are super satisfied.  We are in a great home for us, granted… I wouldn’t mind a smaller payment of course.  So, if you are in this area and looking to buy or sell a house….call her up.  Sue Stewart a great real estate agent.

My bus driving job has sort of settled down.  I wrote up 1 student on Wednesday last week and I have 3 write ups to turn in tomorrow.  I think the school should be satisfied with that.  I also am giving 2 more assigned seats in my high school route.  I got 5 new students starting on my already over full elementary route. Three have already started and two will start next Monday.  I am working on printing out my assigned seat magnets.  I will print them tomorrow though, Kyra is sleep for tonight.

I am getting down and busy with working with  I am writing those cheesy sales pitches.  You should go over there and buy something though.  I am thinking about buying a treadmill from them.  I can get 4% back on the CC that I will use and I will get the % they pay to have us sell stuff for them which will make for a not so bad deal.  Oh, and they have free shipping which probably costs a pretty penny on a treadmill.  I won’t have to pack that thing in my car…how convenient is that??  I basically can work all that I am available there though, which makes time go so quickly. 

When 5 o’clock hits…I really feel like playing 1 year old games which is a great feeling. 

I even was sick of my computer today.  I went and watched an old version of CSI.  I think it will wake me up in my sleep.  It was a guy lurking in the victims attic.  Blah….

Well, that is all for now.  Night…