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  Yesterday was very interesting.  We just seemed to play almost all day.  We took a nice walk while the dew was still wet.

I got hooked into watching the America’s Next Top Model Marathon on TV.  I like those marathons where you don’t have to wait 12 weeks for the ultimate results.  This was the year that the model Eva won the honors.  I felt like the other girl should have got it though, so I hope they are both successful with looking great now.

We went out to dinner with Tom and his mom at Green Village Diner.  It was very good.  I had broiled fish which was very good.  I like this restaurant though because everyone that eats there gets a little scoop of ice cream for dessert and that part was great.  Kyra thought so too.

We came home played more and than Kyra fell asleep.  That’s when I got to my computer.  I did quite a bit of work and then went to bed myself at about 11:30, so late for me.

Here is another old picture from Adam’s albums.  This is Adam’s mom.  She passed when he was 16, so I thought I would put this on here too.