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Today was a good day.

We took two hikes today. The first one with Liz fairly early, like 9 am. Later, we took one with Cathy at like 2 pm. I love my neighbors. We couldn’t live in a better place.

Liz is drawing a picture of Kyra from a photo I gave her when Kyra was 2 months old. It is going to be just amazing. It will be a treasure to me forever when it is done and framed on my wall. I am so excited I can’t wait, but will.

Kyra is just starting to learn to crawl. She doesn’t have it mastered yet, but she is funny. So she is in bed right now and I go check on her. She is sleeping in the crawling position. I hope she isn’t sore when she wakes up.

Well, that is all for today. I know it is short, but I am tired and going to bed. Night. Posted by Picasa