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Today was a busy day.

I started my new run today, so that meant getting up at 5 am, my new normal time. It was a beautiful morning. I saw a red hawk on my route, which is a treat to me. They are such beautiful animals.

I got back home. I have wanted to get a hair cut, so I finally did. Ater that….

Adam and I went shopping at Wal*mart. We were out of cat food, so that was the main objective. They have some great sales though, so we found this school bus wagon toy thing in the clearance section. We couldn’t resist. It was $8.00. Kyra has so many toys, but this one maybe she will use longer as it can be pulled until she is to tall. Right now, though she can sit in it and be pulled. Anyways, we ended up spending $100. Oh my all that for cat food.

So than we came home. Kyra took a nap. I needed my oil changed so Adam set it up to get that done.

I got home and got in my bus to go get my new bus and for the afternoon run. Kyra stayed with Adam for this. I did the afternoon run in the new bus. I think I like it. The gas and break pedals are close together which I haven’t gotten used to yet. I will though. It also basically has no hood, so it rides different in position to the road.

I got home and ate some roasted vegtables that I had prepared somewhere in time during the morning.

Kyra went to bed early and here I am reading my e-mails and typing in here.

The picture posted today was taken yesterday, so not of new hair cut yet. Maybe I’ll have one of that tomorrow. Night… Posted by Picasa