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 Today was rather boring for me.  Adam took Kyra and his dad to Mt. Joy to see, Adam’s other brother, Andy. They left me in what they call peace, which it is.  It however also makes me realize just how boring I am.  I think I can put anyone in the world to sleep with my tech reading habits.  I was reading tech articles and blogs almost the whole time.  I did do the dishes and take a shower too, but wow…it seemed like they were only gone a few minutes.

 They came back we watched a movie.  It was “School for Scoundrels” which turns out is a pretty good movie, yet sort of sick in another way.  It teaches you that you have to be semi-rude to be cool and you can’t take crap from anyone and still be at all cool.

Kyra came back with a vengeance too.  She was playing like mad, like she has been trapped in a car for two days now.  She is playing peek-a-boo with her eyes and the treadmill bar in this photo.

Here she is playing her piano with her ugly hat on.

I think she is getting sick again which is the last thing we need now.  I am just hoping that she totally perks up for tomorrow.

My toe is back to say 85%.  I can bend it.  I can wear socks on it and some shoes.  It is just ultra sensitive when you touch it now and there is still a scab, like a really bad sore is what it is like.

My one 21 inch screen for my computer has been slowly getting fuzzy, so it finally went to far for me.  I have downgraded to my old 17 inch.  I still have the 19 inch too, so now I get two totally different views of this site.  It actually does look pretty good at 800×600.  Yippee…

School starts back up tomorrow, so I look forward to seeing my kids.  I didn’t drive on Thursday and than Easter break of course…

Well, that was my day.  I am going to bed.  Good Night..