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Today was the day that bullet got taken to his new home.  I know I wasn’t going to go watch him be sold, but I couldn’t help it.  I wish now I would have stayed home as I do every time I sell one of my animals at a livestock auction.

Bullet did fine though, he sold for $34.00, which made me net $30.50.  That sucks, but this was a bad day for an auction and he was the most expensive goat that they sold.  Goat prices are way down here too.  You could have bought a feeder baby at the auction today for $4.  Yeah, that is just ridiculous.

Bullet was sold to the meat marketer though, so his fate is now sealed pretty much.  He is going to be a Greek delicacy.  I can’t think of this though because I can’t keep every goat that is born here.  I just have to be grateful for the ones that I can and do have.

Here is the last little butt shot of him as he left the ring.