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20071101_00108p Today was my most relaxing day that I can remember.  I didn’t have to do anything or go anywhere, well except to get my kids. Kyra was already safely with her dad when I got up.  I have been so much enjoying the calmness. Deuce has been too.  I even took the time to roll around on the floor with him, how calm is that??

I updated all my sites to the new WordPress version, yeah I am behind.  I am at version 2.3.1 now though on all my sites.

Tonight, I am going out to the movies.  I haven’t seen a movie in the cinema since before Kyra was born, so I am a bit excited.  I can’t believe so much time has passed, but it is true.  I was sheltered, but I have escaped now so look out. 

We are seeing a scary movie though which I am a bit nervous about, you see…  I am not a big scary movie fan.  I am a huge woose.  I hope I can stomach it…wouldn’t that be embarrassing if I puked in the theatre??  LOL….

I am going to get Kyra in the morning too, so I have no rush on me tonight.  See how this calm is continuing for the full 24 hours, it is amazing.  Morning comes and I will be so so ready to see her, I miss her most of the time.  I constantly look over my shoulder for her when she isn’t here.

Anyways, keep guessing my income.  I am going to keep moving that post up, so it stays on top all the way until it ends.  I want entries this time…