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Today was Kyra’s 20 month birthday and our 112 month anniversary. Yeah, corny…I know, but we celebrate every month. I mean any excuse for cake is good for me. Adam even got those sugar numbers and letters. Yum.

I got a lot done on my site here today and actually a lot for my clients as well. It was a pretty productive day. I am probably bad with clients though because I said no to 2 clients today. I want more hours working, but I don’t want it to be a burden on me or Adam and what these ones were asking was time that I spend with my family.. I mean isn’t the hours of 6:30 am to 5:00 pm enough for this? LOL… Anyways, I feel bad for saying no, but I did say no.

My bus routes with smoothly today. The time change makes it so it is dark in the mornings again. I like this… I get to watch the sunrise which makes the day. I never liked sunrises really until I am an adult and now they are so cool to watch. I probably get to see them another month or so and than it will be full on day before I leave.

When I got done working we took a 2 mile walk with the neighbors, here is a picture taken with the automatic timer (so I made it in the shot) from that… Aren’t we a cute group. It is amazing we are all looking at the camera even though we are mostly all squinting. It still looks great.

Here is my last picture of the day. The cake was delicious. Yum, finger licking good. LOL… It is so fun to be in this family. I wish everyone had a family this great.

Well, that is the day. Night.