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Here is the top of the Tech News story and my opinion. I am going to try to put some of these in here, so to make my blog more interesting when I read it 20 years from now. It is too boring as it is now. (I didn’t take the photo, it is from microsoft. They let you post their pictures for private use if you host them yourself.)

Ineffective Driving While Yakking Regulation Proving Popular Among States from the that’s-what-politicians-do dept

Despite a mixed verdict on the efficacy of driving-while-yakking laws, more states are jumping on the legislative bandwagon. Since 2003, 23 states have passed laws regulating the use of cell phones in cars, with most requiring the use hands-free kits. Of course, talking with an earpiece is distracting too, as are any number of things that one can do in a car. Why not ban talking to other passengers, or drinking coffee? A better approach is to promote safe driving in general, not to legislate away stupid, distracting behavior. Of course, politicians don’t need to show results, they just need to get re-elected by scaring people and pointing to politically popular measures that they supported. Before long, there won’t be many states that don’t have tough regulations in place. (Link)

I can’t believe they bother wasting time and money to make these stupid laws. I would really like to see a politician go into office to erase all the laws that are impossible to enforce and wasting paper resources. The police should concentrate on solving murder, rape, and theft and not who is talking on the phone versus who isn’t. That is a total waste of time.

Politicians can note that any one running on the notion of getting rid of laws not making them will have my vote no matter party lines. Not that I vote party lines anyways, I am the vote you work for, but very hard to get.

There you go….