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Well, I have finished my 10 hours of classroom training, so I guess I am done with that for 5 more years.  Yes, I know it is required every 4 years.  I however am not up for renewal until April, so I am now good until 2013 with the classes. 

Now, I have to go pass the test at the DOT, fork over the dollars which my license is like $200 something I think because I have a class AM with Hazmat, Tank, School, Passenger Endorsement.  I have basically them all except Doubles and class A busses.  I don’t want to give them up because if I ever needed to go driving truck again those licenses were hard to get.

Anyways, the training went smooth as can be expected.  Yesterday was just a riot laughing and tonight was more serious, but still pretty fun actually.  I don’t know how much I learned though honestly.  I guess I did learn some stuff though like the fire extinguisher is only good for 8 seconds, things like that.  I knew the stopping distances and lights stuff though for the most part. 

I like that they have us go through training though even though it is sort of a pain in the timing.