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20070726_04706p She must have laid in the corner here right where she is eating in this picture (This is July 27th picture.  The only picture I got of her this day.  She eats inside here where the lighting isn’t as good.  I got better of the other two.) This afternoon and had a heart attack (I think.).  Her eyes were open and she was just dead. She did look peaceful as can be in her death.

I got Charcole when she was a baby in 1996.  She is the black goat here.  She is the reason I bought this home.  I had to have a place to put her.  She has always been a friend. 

I buried her in the yard by the barn. Earl came with his tractor and dug the hole it is so dry, I tried with the shovel behind my tears and it just didn’t work.  She isn’t in really deep, but she is in a good place.  She liked it out there.

She had a good life as far as a goat goes.  She has always been fed good and always had an outdoor area to eat.  A spoiled goat.  She has produced only about 8 kids which isn’t a lot for a goat.  Of those 8, only two were nannies.

I will miss her though, she was always so nice to visit with when I went to the barn.  She was my highlight for the most part.  I am not sure if I will continue to even have goats from here out.  It is undecided, as it will be so different.