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I love this picture. We had such a good day today.  We were outside a whole lot.  We went to the neighbors because Kyra always sort of gravitates towards there.  I thought they weren’t home and then out walks Stephanie…so we were there about 1/2 hour.  They went to get hair cuts than.

We came back in the house and ate, showered all that good stuff.  Kyra put her own shirt on for the first time by herself.

We worked on reading some of the new books. 

Than we went to go for a walk.  It was a beautiful day out.  Robin side tracked us as we walked past, so we ended up in there eating steak.  Kyra is a real carnivore, I swear.  She ate more steak than I did.

We came home read more books watched TV and Kyra fell sleep on the chair beside me.  I put her to bed and here I am.  It was a great day…