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Today was a good day. We had our 2nd and probably last meal of corn from our own garden for the year. We had 7 rows and probably only got half a bushel of corn. Oh well, better luck next year. Here is a picture of Kyra in the garden while Adam was picking corn. I was taking pictures of Kyra and the bugs in our yard. We have so many bugs this year. It is crazy. Why?? My yard is the bug mecca, I swear.

Well, we didn’t go anywhere or do anything really here. I am actually making an effort to not go anywhere or do anything. It saves money to stay home and do home things. I have goals of doing things before summer is over and I need all the money I can get for those. I want to go to the zoo. I want to go shark teeth hunting in Maryland. Those will both be days where we eat out and spend at least one tank of car gas. That and I spent my whole pay for the week on the cat at the vets. Vets are very expensive.

Well, that is my boring day. I am off to bed. Night.