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So yesterday, Kyra was having Christmas with her dad.  I spent the day by waking up to Deuce eatting 2 Christmas presents, so a quick jot to town was in order.  I replaced those two gifts very quickly at Pier 1.

We were about 5 minutes before Red Robin opened and I didn’t feel like driving further, so we sat and waited for it to open.  Stephen had never eaten in Red Robin, man is that hard to believe.  We ate, oh it was good.

We came home.  We just messed around a little while and then we were off.  We went 4 wheeler riding.  We were gone a few hours at least.  It is fun to ride on 4 wheelers.  I think I drove about 1/2 the time.  I was covered in mud when we got back.

I came got in shower and got ready for this church thing we promised we would go to.

Yeah, I was in a church with Stephen and it didn’t fall down or burn down either.  They even gave us candles with real fire on them.  We were still good enough that it didn’t burn. We sung Christmas songs and junk though, it was okay. 

We left there and got Kyra from her dad.  It was really nice to see her again.  She was sleep though when we got there.  She had a vaccination in the morning and she was slightly grumpy from that.  She has another one scheduled next month. Her leg has a little dot on it where the needle was and it is starting to get a small bruise.

Anyways, we got her and then went to Stephen’s grandma’s.  I really not sure why we went there because we are going there again tonight.  I have really no idea.  We got home about midnight.  I went almost immediately to bed. 

I slept really good, but about 3.  I got up and got stuff ready for this morning.  I just woke up though. I didn’t set the alarm or anything, so that leaves me very tired now.

Santa did make it to my house which was lovely.

I hope you are having a Merry Christmas.