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I don’t have any photos from today.  I took some, but am being lazy and not getting them off the camera.  The photos on this site are actually what takes me the longest because I make them so that they don’t take a ton of my bandwidth, but also I want them to be recognizable. 

Anyways, today went like normal with my routes.  I had a good talk with some of my students that were causing trouble with one of the girls, so that is stopped.  I do believe. 

It is back to driving as usual, but being extra careful at intersections more than I ever was and hopefully this is a permanent change as I have been scared to crazy here, so the good out of the bad.

When my routes were done this afternoon, I did something that was long over due.  I cleaned the bus.  Yes, you heard that right….I cleaned it.  I washed all the interior windows, that is 56 windows.  Honestly, I have never done this before.  I took the hose in there and washed each seat and the floor completely.  It is way better than before, but the edges where the drain holes for the water are is still messy.  I think I am okay with this though.  LOL….  I would say my bus was borderline disgusting before, so this is huge improvement.  Yeah, I did sweep it once every few weeks, but it gets nasty in there.

Now I want to dust the gauges and all that, but that will have to be some other day.

I have this cold now, I think my nose is completely clogged which is causing me to loose even more sleep.  Last night, I slept in the recliner so I would have a more upright position.  It did actually help. 

So with this today I am way behind on getting my reading done and well most everything really except now my bus is clean.  I have also lost my phone in all this.  Yesterday I accidentally cut my Vonage Network cable, so I don’t have any phone.  Hope my house don’t catch on fire, aaaahhhhh!

That is pretty much all, so I am going to bed.  Good Night…