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Well today wasn’t all that entertaining.  We stayed up so late last night that both Kyra and I slept really late.  Kyra finally rolled out of bed after 11.

Her dad had off of work today because of the holiday and wanted to take her birthday shopping, so I took her to his house.

I came home and cleaned.  I followed cleaning by taking my camera to the park to test out some of the features.

Here are the results.

View Caledonia 7 5 09

Needless to say…I had fun while people wondered what I was really up too.

I came back, got Kyra.  We watched Ratoutella (proudly called “the rat movie” here).  I ready Kyra some “Go Dog Go” and she went to bed.

Stephen came up (We aren’t still together, but still watch movies together.) and we watched Watchmen from Netflix, but stupidly.  I had ordered the animated version, so we watched the 20 minute show and then followed with comedy channel. 

Now I’m here and going to bed.