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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Well, today was a normal day for a day off. I had my once a month job for Actionlink to do. We had to do a Walmart, which is pretty far from my house. They double my gas dollars though, so I get compensated for that. It however is sort of a pain to do because of distance. I sometimes think of just not doing this job anymore, but I sort of like it as a reason to get out and it gets Adam out with me. Adam and Kyra don’t hang out right with me while I am working, but they shop around for the whole time and play. This new job has me taking pictures of a display in the store, so when I was done. I found Adam and Kyra and here is a picture of Kyra in the toy chair at Walmart. LOL…still in the store.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.We than left and on the way home this lady cut Adam off and he almost hit her. Well, she was turning on the same roads as we were and he didn’t want to follow her, so we went this road we had never been on hoping it would lead toward our house. It did…woo hoo. Well anyways. There was this boat launch location that was pretty nice with the clearest water ever. It was so pretty out. Here is a picture of the water, you can actually see the river grass growing in the current. It is pretty neat. The bridge was pretty neat looking too, so we took some pictures here.

We than came home and I did all the paperwork for that store. Than I had the local Walmart to do the same job and Adam needed to get to the gym. So our plan was to take Adam and Kyra to the gym and let her with the babysitter at the gym (The gym offers child care right there while the parents work out.) and I was supposed to leave and go do my job at Walmart. This would have worked if any other kids were in the babysitter, but there wasn’t any. So Kyra wouldn’t let us both leave. We won’t let her cry that long with a stranger, so I stayed there and talked to the babysitter lady. She was nice and interesting to talk to. She drives bus sort of too. She drives one of the vans that takes the kids to school and has like 3 or 4 kids she takes to a farther school. It was okay though and Adam got his work out. We than went to Walmart and I got my job done.

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Here is Adam and Kyra looking off the bridge and than Kyra once we got home on the bench in the yard.

Than I came home from that and there was 3 missed calls on my phone. It was my neighbor asking if I would designated drive, so off I went for that. I like doing it though, the club plays good music and it gets me out of the house for a bit. I feel like I need that more lately. Who knows why….so I just got home a little after one and I had to do my Walmart paperwork and send them my photos from today. My legs are sort of twitchy, maybe numb who knows, but I don’t feel quite like sleeping yet, so on here I type.

I have to get up with Kyra in the morning though and I probably have to take a person back to the club because I wouldn’t let them drive, so they came back with us and are staying at my neighbors. I am like a little mother to all these people. I just feel safer without drunk people on the road and there is no use trying to stop them from drinking…do you all remember prohibition?? I don’t wasn’t born, but I have seen movies. It doesn’t work…. so better just to keep them drinking safely.

Well, that is all for my day. It was good, but long. Tomorrow should be slower, but it is going to be busy. Night….