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I have Pepsi in my garage that is freezing.  It was so so warm though up until this last cold front.  That said our goats are going to have there kids any day now.  I know though everytime they are going to have kids, I am way early with my predictions, so who knows.  There due date is in February sometime, we don’t have exact dates like people do. 

Kyra was good today.  She is getting smarter and smarter.  She will do almost anything you tell her to do.  She has put away almost every bowl that we washed in the new dishwasher.  You can imagine how orderly my cupboards are, but hey the stuff is away. 

You can tell her to put about anything in the garbage and away she goes zipping off to the garbage. Which is why we think the phone ended up in the garbage.  We do try to screen it before we take it out, but who knows.

She can identify almost any part of her body now.  She has her knees and elbows known now too, but it seems more randomly.  She identifies our pictures in the hallway when you ask her who that is…she get is right.

If you ask her “Who do you love?”…she will all the time answer “Daddy”.  It is funny because the kids on the bus ask her that and she answers “Daddy” and points to a picture of Adam in the bus.  All the kids laugh.

Today was a rather boring day.  We just drove and after we played.  We took showers and then went to bed.  How dull can you get huh?  LOL…

Ok, so I didn’t take any postable pictures either which probably makes it even duller.  Oh well, dull will help us both sleep.   Good Night….  Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting.