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First off, I have to say go check out Apple’s Bus Safety Expo post.  I love that they have smoke machine, so these kids can see the lack of vision.  Show your kids that photo!  I had my bus catch on fire last year.  It didn’t get to the interior, but I did an evacuation.  It was interesting to say the least.

My day was one of those great boring days.  It just sort of slipped by without me even noticing.  I did stuff around the house, like I am totally caught up on my laundry.  I don’t have dirty dishes piled in the sink.  I was outside a lot too though, it was cold, but beautiful out.

Did I say cold??  I have been freezing all day as well.  I sit on the couch with my feet wrapped all in a sweatshirt, but they are still freezing.  Why are they like ice in the winter??  It is annoying.  The only time they are warm so it seems is when I am sleep.

Kyra has a slight cold, but I think it is also something with her vaccination.  She still has a big bruise where that was given.  I have a negative outlook on them though to begin with because I have such bad reactions to them.  Her nose is runny though and she is generally much more cranky than she would be if she were not slightly ill.  We sat on the couch a whole lot today together. 

She is getting very demanding which is sort of funny and sort of annoying.  Like she wants a popsicle.  Stan is in the kitchen, so I ask him to grab one on his way back.  He does and she won’t take it, she says “No, mama do it!”  I am the one ordered to do everything, which about 50% of the time I do and 50% of the time I reply “No”, like when Stan has a popsicle right there in my hand.

I have to always be available to watch her go potty now.  I have to go sit and watch, she can’t just do it on her own even though she totally does it on her own anyways.  She is using the big potty now instead of her little seat too.  She likes it better and well I don’t mind myself either.  I hated cleaning that little bowl.

Well, that was my day pretty general and boring, but fun at the same time.  I sometimes like a day to slip under the radar.  Tomorrow will be so busy as well.  I have work in 5 stores to complete.  I will be working all the way until  you see me do my evening recap.  Have a great night…