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208This is so much fun, you can get these Free Coloring Pages where you start with an image that is blanked out like this one. There are a ton of selections really. I chose the insects selection to sample for mine and got this neat looking butterfly image to fill in. This is so easy. I think that my daughter will really enjoy her time doing this when she gets slightly older. I loved that this site allowed you to see what other people had did with the same base image, it was sort of interesting to me that all the other butterflies had been done with a sort of feminine touch. Lending me to believe that the boys didn’t choose this one so much. LOL…878 They then have a section of things that look more attractive to boys, like this helicopter. So, don’t let the name “The Doll Palace” confuse you. This site is really quite interactive and could be fun for both boys, girls, and of course, us parents. Most sites are made really for us aren’t they??

I do wish I could save my work to my computer without signing up for an account, but I guess the accounts aren’t to hard to get, plus they are free.

Here is a couple of there sample completed image that they gave me.

This is as simple as picking a color and clicking the mouse where you want that color to be. So very simple and so very fun… check them out. Here is that link again.. Free Coloring Pages