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I survived a whole 24 hours without computer access. It is a miracle that I am here today. My monitor messed up about 2 minutes after I posted on here last night and I just got it back tonight at 8. Here is my new monitor. It is one of those flat screen types. It is a 19 inch wide screen version. Pretty nice for simple me.

Kyra really had a good day today. She rode on the bus with me all day. I don’t know why, but it seemed as she was happier than usual. She stayed home with Adam while I went and got my new computer stuff. We played chase and all her little games. She ate yogurt with Adam while I was gone. Here is that picture… she is learning to eat by herself. Doing pretty well at it too.

Here is a funny picture of Kyra that I just have to put in here. This is her today putting on this hat of sorts. This thing on her head is really the part of her personal toilet that catches the contents for the toilet. It is clean though and we don’t use it for its job. She get the seat put on the big potty so this piece is basically worthless except as a hat though. It is a pretty fun hat as you can tell by the photo.

Well, today has been an improvement over yesterday. So that is good. I look forward to next week though as it has to be a better week than this week was. I love my life though even the messed up times. I am just happy to be able to do the silly things I do.