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So Adam’s computer has been working for a few days.  We couldn’t even get it to begin to start, so today.  I took a break from home life.  I drove a car….first time in over a week.  LOL..

I took Adam’s computer to the repair shop.  I went to Robin’s Bar and got wings for lunch while they were looking at it.  I got all the tech guys wings too, so it takes a long time to cook 5 dozen wings.   I love wings, but eat them rarely, so it was a treat.

Adam’s computer has a bad motherboard.  It is under warranty, so we are sending it back to be remade.  Tony…what a great guy.  Is going to build us a lender to use by Tuesday.  The really cool thing is that none of this will cost us money.  Woo Hoo… I was so fearing the bill.

I think Kyra missed me because it sure was easy to get some kisses when I got back.

When I got back we started watching the movie Stuck on You about the siamese twins.  Oh, what a dumb movie.  I went to feed the goats and well that excitement.  That leads to where we are now, which is almost my bed time.  I think our other goat is in labor now though, so I will be going out during the night and checking on her as well as the new babies.