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I like the Saints, so Monday Night Football was all sort of sad for me.  I am really enjoying watching it this year as Monday Night is the evening that Adam has Kyra almost every week. 

I go to the pavilion in the yard and sort of escape Stan too.  I think that this sort of makes him upset though sometimes as he misses watching CSI with me or whatever, so yesterday I sat on the patio with him while I cooked steaks on the grill.  I don’t know how much he recognized that I was staying around him so that he wouldn’t be weird when I went and watched the game.

I stayed outside the whole game last night though.  It was so nice out.  It ended and I was sad that they didn’t win with more score for Adam’s sake.  He had bet on this game, so I was really wishing him some luck by the end when I figured out the Saints didn’t have a chance.  I hope he has learned not to bet more than a 40 total game score versus what he did.  Football can be a low scoring game sometimes.  LOL…  Yeah, like I am an expert on that.

Yesterday was a 1/2 day of school, so it was just simply a boring day otherwise.  I only had 3 hours in between my routes, so I mostly sat and waited for that time to come.  I did clean the second guest room out some though.  I am getting ready for Stan’s brother and sister to come visit in 3 weeks and also for my Mom’s Club Mom’s Night Out which I am the host of this month.  I was the host once before though and nobody came because it snowed.  I was so sad, so this time I won’t let myself get that way.

Anyways, that was my day.  I took some pictures.  I’ll post them later when I have more time.