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I finally stopped using Paint Ship today and have reverted to a free photo editor. 

The reason…not because it is a terrible program, but because it takes up all of my computer resources and when I hit edit on my second photo it opens a whole new window of it instead of opening the different image in the already open screen of it.

It has gotten so it literally takes me 5 minutes to get this all stopped as it is using almost 90% of my resources. 

I don’t have a super computer, but I do have a 1 GB of RAM, so it isn’t the worst out there either.

I have contacted support and they send me back a canned message, I reply to the canned message and they send me another canned message.  They basically tell me to reinstall the program…I assure you there is nothing wrong with my install.  I obey though and still have this issue. 

Oh how I envy those with real Photoshop…I need so much money though to have all this stuff I want.

Do any of you all have this issue??