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My plans for today all went out the door at some point today.  I had it planned to go to a playgroup and about 2 hours before we left.  The lady hosting wrote and said that her child had a fever.  Well, I don’t feel like getting a fever before school even starts, so I wrote that off the schedule.

So, I cooked salmon for lunch instead of supper.

I planned on going to the pool in the afternoon.  We did this sort of, but we got to the pool and it was closed.  So, that freed up a few hours too.

20070822_01704pWe went and got corn in that time.  I had only corn for supper.  Stan had some leftover ham with his.  There is Kyra having her first bite.  She has had it a few times, so knows how it works.

20070822_01804p  Here is the one that surprises me.  She pretty much cleaned off the first one and the second one.  Yeap…I have a little eater.  She ate 2 ears.

She had an exciting day because I we didn’t get in the pool, she got a bath.  I sat on the toilet and watched her swimming in there and we did the moves like they do on Sesame Street.  I got her out and forgot to drain the water, she was all dressed and ready for whatever when she got back in the second time.  I just left her go again, so she is double clean.

The strangest thing though…I got in the shower tonight sort of late.  That way I am all clean for tomorrows trip.  Kyra doesn’t generally like showers  that well and will sit usually in the bathroom and wait for me.  Well not tonight, so she got a shower after both baths.  After we got out this time she said something that I am going to call her first sentence, but I think she has said multiple words together before, but not so clear.  She said ‘Clean Water”, of course it sounded more like “clea watra”, but I know what she means.

I am already for tomorrows trip, we are going to Sesame Place over by Philadelphia for the day.  It will be very fun to visit Elmo again, Kyra is even more into him now than when she went the first time in June, so Good Night!!