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So, last night Kyra was asleep early.  She got up though later crying and I got her holding her.  We watched TV for awhile and she fell back asleep on the couch beside me.  This is her picture there…she is really sleeping and not rubbing her eye.

She was about as good as physically possible yesterday through my whole toe ordeal and court prior. 

Oh yeah, court was a waste of time.  The guy got off.  It is a full crock of crap though.  They wanted me to pick out this guy that I saw for a split second driving by my bus over a month ago from a group of people. 

I got the license plate number, but that doesn’t prove it was him.  It only proves it was his car….so they dismissed the charges.  Now, to me….if you have a license plate number and the person doesn’t give up who was driving the car at that moment in time, than the vehicle owner should be an accessory to a crime right?  (I had exact time, license place number, and a general description of person being male, tan skin, dark hair…)

Driving past a school bus that is loading or unloading kids is almost like attempted vehicular homicide to me as I know someone is going to get killed as severe of a problem as it is.  The few that get caught should have the book thrown at them especially since it is so easy to stop for a 1/2 minute.

Anyways, court was a joke and a waste of time even though I like going.  I only like it when they don’t show up and it is an automatic guilty.  I have never had them show up before yesterday….

 I got a substitute driver for me again this morning though, so no normal morning routes.  I slept in.  I did sleep good too…amazing.  I woke at almost 7 o’clock.  My toe still hurts, but not as bad.  I am taking ibuprofen and more of that antibiotic that made me sick.  I am taking a lesser dose though, so I am doing okay with it so far.  I think it is just the sensitivity of the top of my toe now that is bothering me and the tightness of the bandage.  I think maybe he made it tight on purpose though to help with bleeding maybe.  I am going to take it off tonight though when I get done with my routes.  I will put a new one on less tight and see how that does.

I am slightly worried with driving this afternoon, but I am doing it.

Here is Kyra this morning.  She was napping with her baby, but instead of laying beside them like she normally does, she decided to lay on top.

Well, there is the update…