Select Page Well, I sort of hid from my computer yesterday. I seem to never get away at night time and go to bed late, so yesterday I didn’t look at my computer after 1 pm and I went to bed early or at the same time as Kyra. It was sort of refreshing and I woke up feeling great. I should do that more often.

The few minutes I was on my computer yesterday, I learned that my interview was rescheduled to Tuesday. That is sort of sad to me because I was really looking forward to it. However, that is okay. I will just keeping looking forward to it til Tuesday.

Here is the picture of Kyra from yesterday. She was spinning the office chair here.

Ok, so the night passed. Woke up this morning feeling great, ready for anything, LOL…

So a few days ago, I had signed up to this website it is an advertising site that pays you to advertise whatever it is there customers need advertising. This is advertising by posting in my blog about whatever it is. They pay you something for the post between $4 and $20. My goal is pretty modest though…make enough from the blog to pay for the blog hosting which is only $7.00 per month. So very modest huh?? LOL… So from now on you may see some posts for things that I think are good from there list of “opportunities”. I will always click on the advertising category though when I do these posts, so you can tell. This morning any ways, I got an e-mail that said I was approved to do advertising for this site. I guess they have to look at your blog and whatever, but I was approved.

We did our runs today. I accidentally drove by a stop on my kindergarten route, so I had to turn around and go back and let the kids off. How embarrassing is that? The worst part is I did it before one time a few months ago. This house just doesn’t stick in my mind as a stop who knows why? I stopped at the neighbor house last year and everyday I want to stop there, but obviously don’t and then just drive by this years house without a thought. Well, otherwise everything went fine.

I got the form for my taxes to be fixed, but this is so crazy. So they sent in my local taxes to Ohio when they should have sent them to Pennsylvania, so the tax office here basically won’t help. They just want me to pay the tax that they didn’t get and who cares about getting my money back. This tax office even charges me this crazy high interest rate while I try to fix it. Well, H&R Block is helping me, so I have the form now and my husband’s employer from back than has to sign it. So I called them and got a contact of who can sign the form. I should have it back by the end of the week.

Oh, and on the H&R Block thing.. on Tuesday when I went she closed it early because her daughter (who has spinal something disease, but looks and acts normal, super nice kid) was sick and needed out of school. On Wednesday, there was a police officer that ran into a person walking on route 81 and killed them. I guess this is all over the news, so you probably know more than me. Well, that person that was hit turns out to be one of the good friends of the lady at H&R Block, so she was called when it happened and closed up immediately. So I guess I forgive them now today. Woo…I don’t like dislike any ways. I think it is a crazy idea though of when something goes strange in your life to just shut down business and go take care of it. I bet there are a whole lot of people in the world that would love this option. That, well, would not have a livelihood if they ever opted for it. I guess I am one that does sort of have that option, I can take off work whenever I want. I find it crazy for a professional business like this though, but it is great…so long as it isn’t April 14th, I guess. I got home Adam and Kyra were playing. We watched the movie “Must Love Dogs” from our Netflix. It was slow and boring basically. Oh and very predictable… a good movie though, I guess. After that Adam and Kyra went about to separate all the change we had been saving up for well, quite a while. So that is today’s picture. Adam and Kyra separating change.

That all leads to now and I am doing this post then my first paid post and then more than likely going to bed. I really liked the feeling of waking up rested. Night….