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What a crazy few days it has been here. It seems so busy, but it really wasn’t looking back. The 4th of July we went to fireworks they were really fun. Kyra was wonderful…even though she was probably as tired as she ever was. We went to Pizza Hut afterwards and she ate almost � a slice of pizza. She didn’t get to bed until like 11 which is at least 2 hours past when she normally goes to bed. We got home and I just laid her in bed and she went to sleep, there was no messing around like there sometimes is on normal nights. It was interesting. We are going to fireworks again on Friday, so hopefully she will be equally great. I didn’t take my camera that night because it was raining off and on all day and I didn’t want to chance my camera getting rained on.

I made $10 on selling 4 pictures of diapers, yes diapers. So that was good. I also sold a few things on eBay. I shipped them yesterday, so that is done. I have more to list when we get back from the wedding so probably Monday. Here is a picture of Kyra in my light tent while I was trying to take pictures of stuff besides her.

I finally beat Kevin in the monopoly game. We had been playing it for 2 weeks only when Kyra was napping though, but it was taking up my table. I finally won and that is cleaned off now.

I finally bought the paint that is going to paint my bedroom. It is a light yellow color…it will look so much better when it is done. I can’t wait. We are going to paint Kristy’s room first though and than Kristy is going to help me paint mine, so it will be next week when we get to it.

Well, today should be a good day. Kevin is coming any minute now, so I should get off here. Bye….