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Creative Blogger Award 

Well, Taj Wanders thinks I am creative.  She gave me this wonderful thoughtful award over a week ago.   I have been going crazy and haven’t got to the pleasure of spreading it around until now.

So….here are my 5 sites I think are the most creative and creative seems to be photographically creative now a days.  I am loving all the great photos on some of the sites I read.

  1. Pyreflies over Zanarkand – Yeah, I know she was BOTD the other day.  I love her creativity though, so she has earned this award too.  Go check out some of her great photography.
  2. Blogging Fingers – Matt is a long time friend of mine.  Yeah, I know he lived in the UK, so I never probably will meet him in person.  It would be an honor though.  He is creative though in his writing, but also in that he is making/thinking up new domain names.  He is such a creative researcher.  Best wished at Blogging Fingers of course, his new site.
  3. WornOutWoman – I think to work, raise kids, and be an active blogger all at the same time all by itself takes a bit of creativity.  However, this worn out woman does it without even showing that she is worn out.
  4. Playgrounds are No Place for Children – She seems to have the full gamma of blog awards, but this one isn’t there yet.  She is all the things the other awards say, but she is also creative.  Here is your newest award.  LOL..
  5. Last but not least… The Diet Pulpit – There is creative advise I should be using in plenty over here.  I need to loose that 30 extra pounds, so if you are the same, go check it out.

There you have it Taj, very late, but woo hoo done.  LOL…  Really though, thanks for the tag.  It is a pleasure to get the Creative award.  I am off to go inform my awardees now.