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20080227_00107a You would think that I was some sort of cruel mom to have my kid sleeping in the dog kennel.  Everyone should know though that she puts herself and 1/2 her owned toys in the kennel all by herself.  She just happened to fall asleep in there a couple of days ago, when I didn’t post here.

Where have I been you ask? Well, my new job is taking over my life so it seems.  I work til 5, but don’t get home until after 6 usually.  I also have to study for my state license exam which I am trying to do at least a chapter of this boring book each night. 

I am in addition trying to play more in the evening with Kyra.  I am still feeling the sadness of leaving her at childcare.  I do think that she is in a good place though when I leave her it is more my issues.

20080227_00506p We made pizza again this week.  She only ended up with 4 pieces of pepperoni on the whole thing from the about 20 piece I gave her to put on it.  Yeah, she likes pepperoni.  It is cool.

So everything is basically going well, it is just the normal business of life that is causing me to not be around as much as I once was.  I am not fully adjusted to my job yet and when I get to be, things should ease off a little.  I still feel this huge pressure to do all this learning at work, but I have to study this big boring book too.  It is all information over load really.  Getting online and reading my usual 200 sites is sort of relaxing, but more information at the same time.  I am reading them though, but not as active in commenting and all that now.

Hope you are having a great weekend.