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This is a sponsored post!

Beach cruisers are cool. These cruiser bicycles are a great way to spend an afternoon and get some exercise while in the fresh air.

I wanted to rewind though and I don’t know if I am officially allowed too, so we will see. The site was my very first paid review posting on this site. My opinions on these bikes haven’t changed. They are very cool. I would also still like a yellow jacket colored one, so I could buzz around town.

Currently my bike is in disrepair, Adam stole the pedal off mine because he broke the one on his. He used his more than I did. I am a bit on the less motivated side and only like short rides on the bike. I think one of these cool cruiser’s could motivate me at least for a few days.

vanilla-flowers-des-prev I have been over there checking out the variations. I am looking in the sale section (The sale is over in 3 days, so act quickly.) Anyways, this pink floral pattern with a light yellow background frame color seems to have caught my eyes today.

Which is your favorite?? Do you like the same one as I do or do you have another preference? Would you like a yellow jacket colored one??