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Here is my brother’s cute little family. I saw them today. It was pretty nice actually. Haley is getting big. She was very good, didn’t cry once even when I held her. Kyra is sort of a momma’s girl and cried some when my brother held her. She did good to start with though, she was getting tired. Over all it was a great visit though. The sun was really bright, and my pictures all have someone squinting in them. I guess I should have taken them inside like they took some. I am going to get a littler camera that I can take everywhere with me.

My brother is growing to look more and more like my dad. I never noticed it when we were younger, but he looks so much like dad it is ridiculous. I think Haley looks like Missy with Jason’s nose. I sort of find that funny because Kyra I think looks like Adam with my nose, so the genetics for our families big nostrils must be pretty strong.

Well, that is that. I am pretty much going straight to bed from here. Night….