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For me, driving school bus originated because I could take any day that I wanted off.  I didn’t really need the money, so taking a day off and doing whatever was one of the biggest perks.  I didn’t have Kyra back then, this was 5 years ago.  I was married and well fine with life.

Anyways, we have drivers that take off days all the time.  It is seriously one of the benefits of being a driver.  The pay is crap.  There are no “real” benefits, no paid vacations, no paid anything, no health insurance, NO BENEFITS.  Here are the fake benefits to me, I can take any day that I want off without question and I can take my daughter on the bus now that I have her.

So, with that said.  I think this area needs more bus drivers and they shouldn’t go blaming the drivers.  That is the only benefit we have.  Now, these drivers may have different situations or whatever, but from my point of view and with my work environment.  That is how it stands.

Here is the PDF.  What do you think??  Is this one of your benefits or is that a special benefit for my area??