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I had a good morning basically.  I feel like I got a lot done for some strange reason, go check out my ebay auctions though.  If you sew, by all means bid away.  Those are all really good prices on my fabric pieces.  It would really help my bills if everything sold as well….

Today I didn’t help things though, I was typing away making the listing for the choir bears piece.  When what happened, my keyboard died.  It just died.  I got my spare keyboard out and plugged it in testing that it wasn’t my computer.  The computer was fine.  I was mad.  I hate my spare keyboards, they are spare for that reason.

20071127_00101p I loaded up Kyra and the keyboard which should still have warranty.  We headed off to Tony to help us.  He is always the place I go when I need things for my computer, plus a pretty good friend.

Well, I got stopped on the way and picked myself up a speeding ticket.  I am not going to say how fast I am going, but the citation was for 55 in a 45.  It is going to cost $127.50 and be 2 points on my license.  The cop was basically nice.  I was upset and going to fast.  This was a ticket that I deserved, but really bad timing for my finances. 

I guess Deuce is not getting a cage that fast even though Stephen keeps trying to buy it for me, I won’t let him.  Deuce should really learn to be good, so he can hang out in the kitchen and living room while I am gone and be safe.  I keep thinking to myself that he is just a pup though and he should outgrow this stage of his life, does that really happen though??

Anyways, Tony gave me a keyboard which is sort of cool.  It works obviously.  I can contact the Saitek company to get my other one replaced too.  It was one of those backlit fancy keyboards…I love it because I could see easy at night what I was typing.  I don’t look that often though, I do sometimes though when I switch between letters and numbers a lot.  I am not perfect at hitting numbers without looking.

We came home though passed that same cop…stuck my tongue out at him as I passed.

20071127_00301p We walked around the yard for a while feeling sorry for all the hunters who were out all day.  We got showers, ate… Than we went to Tom’s.  I got to visit with Shirley for a good bit.  I love her, she is wonderful.  Tom was chasing Kyra around while we were chatting…blabber mouths.

I left called Stephen on the way to see if he got a deer.  He didn’t, but his dad did.  I stopped on the way by and saw it.  I don’t know why I wanted to, but I did.  Deer down here are tiny compared to up north where my parents live and I hadn’t ever seen one down here.  Well, it was tiny.  They were going to skin it and all that good stuff, so I left…blah.

Kyra was sleep and I came home and here I am about to go to bed.  It was basically a terrible day with some good points.  It was more bad for the deer though, she should have kept running poor girl.  I have school again in the morning, so first day back.  I am actually pretty ready.  Have a great night….